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Christmas season 2023 is now closed
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The Muse Stirs...

Wreaths of the Valley is an alternative source for custom quality products, a far cry from the factories of mass-produced items. Freshly harvested local greenery and daily batches of love are the main ingredients.

Bordering the Olympic rainforest in Washington state lies Independence Valley. Though not a common sight to see snow, you'll find it temperately lush with several species of fir variety; most notably our prized Noble with its long-lasting needles and striking color palette, ranging from deep forest green to pale blue hues. Hand-assembled 'highlights' of earthy materials is what makes our greenery stand out from the rest, enabling the fir base to set the stage in its natural glory.

I began this little online business in 1997 and have since vowed to remain small enough to work with every piece that goes out the door. Not driven by quantity, I choose to keep an aesthetic caliber in my work. Because of this, and as an interesting twist, I was asked to design custom Christmas greenery for Disney's 2019 remake of Lady And The Tramp; an intense but exciting adventure.


Besides the scents, sights and tactile elements of fresh greenery, I am delighted to add a bit of sound to the mix ~ being a musician/composer in my other life! Winter is a CD collection of innovative music arrangements for your listening pleasure (streaming samples of each song are available on this site).

You might like to check out our sister site, Tannenbaum, for cut to order quality Noble, Nordmann, Douglas and Grand fir trees. All varieties are coppiced via an environmentally-friendly method, which consists of cutting back the tree while keeping the roots intact, thereby allowing new shoots to sprout to form another tree. Our customers graciously send us photos of their trees and wreaths which you will find in the Testimonials link.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions on how I may facilitate your needs ~ ~ and thanks for stopping by!