Winter Fresh Music


An Intermingle of Past and Present

The perfect accompaniment to any order (or as a stocking stuffer) is this tastefully produced selection of classical instrumental arrangements and European folk songs arranged with a modern twist.

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 1. Kemp’s Jig ~ English folk tune
 2. Bourrée ~ Johann Sebastian Bach
 3. Musette ~ Johann Sebastian Bach
 4. Study in D Minor ~ Mauro Guiliani
 5. Air en Minuet ~ Wolfgang Mozart
 6. Byla Cesta ~ Moravian folk song
 7. Etude ~ Unknown (Classical period)
 8. Sonate Pour Deux Flûtes ~ Charles Kœchlin
 9. Opus 35 No. 24 ~ Fernando Sor
10. Spanish Folk Song ~ Traditional
11. Estudio ~ Dionisio Aguado
12. Scottish Tune ~ Traditional
13. Opus 48 No. 5 ~ Mauro Guiliani
14. Winter Nights ~ Variations on a Russian theme



Tom TeRonde ~ bass
Christine Gunn ~ cello
Karen Gheorghui ~ english horn
Carl Dexter ~ violin, mandolin, upright bass
Chris Sohre ~ guitar, piano, flute, accordion, vocals, hurdy gurdy


INSTRUMENTATION is based around classical guitar or piano and includes cello, english horn, bass, flute and accordion with a dash of violin, mandolin, hurdy gurdy and bells. One piece is a cappella with a bass drone.

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